Future plans of the plant introduced to Stumbras employees and Trade Union

The Management of MV Group Production controlling company of Stumbras, Alita and Anykščių vynas plants introduced the plant modernisation project which is currently under development to Kaunas Stumbras employees and the representatives of the Trade Union of Lithuanian Food Producers. In order to enhance the positions of Stumbras beverages on the international market and to increase the production volumes, the movement of three bottling lines and production warehouses in the beginning of the next year, from Kaunas to Alita plant, in Alytus, is under consideration.

The project would be implemented gradually: the first works would be launched in next March, while the implementation of the project is planned to be completed in three years. Upon implementation of the modernisation project, significant part of the production activities would be further carried out in Stumbras historical plant, in Kaunas.

'Stumbras plant is situated in the central part of Kaunas City, which causes inconveniences for us and for residents. On one hand, noisy heavy goods vehicles, obstructing traffic conditions in the city, travel to and from the plant for tens of times every day. The location of the plant strongly limits its expansion possibilities. Our goal is to increase production volumes, export of Stumbras, but due to the present conditions it is very complicated to achieve', commented Algirdas Čiburys, Managing Director of MV Group Production.

In consultation with the trade union, a detailed plan of project implementation is now under preparation. It will be finally approved once consultation with the employees and all interested parties will be finished. The goal pursued by the company and the trade union is to ensure best possible working conditions for Stumbras employees by moving a part of the production and warehousing activities.

'We, representatives of the employees, are concerned about preservation of workplaces and assurance of good working conditions. We were informed that the planned changes in the plant may bring a minimum change in the number of jobs, but the majority of Stumbras employees will continue working in Kaunas. It is planned to offer jobs in Alytus for the others, company transport is planned to be organised. The project implementation is still in coordination stage, therefore we will be waiting for more details and try to ensure that all the procedures would be carried out in accordance with the effective collective agreement and the Labour Code', said Chair of the Trade Union of Food Processors Gražina Gruzdienė.

'We are the company controlling three plants, therefore we have an exclusive possibility to share knowledge and experience among ourselves, which we have been consistently fostering and expanding. The same can be said about the employees: our goal is to ensure continuation of their jobs in our plants after the planned reorganisation. Therefore, today after discussing the plans with all our employees, in the nearest future we will have additional discussions with each individually and together will look for the best solutions', noted Mr. Čiburys.

According to him, the company is continuously trying to improve the working conditions. Review of the salary budget is planned for the next year and up to 10 per cent pay rise on average is planned in all three plants.

During the implementation of Stumbras modernisation project, production of traditional Lithuanian beverages, such as Stumbras vodka, Devynerios herbal liquor, its extract, will continue in Kaunas. Eventually, when refurbishing the plant, a unique space with historical Stumbras plant and museum is planned to be created in the centre of Kaunas.

Some of production and warehousing activities are planned to be moved from Kaunas to Alita plant which is has a convenient location, at the outskirts of Alytus. New warehouses of over 11 000 square meter area are built there. The investment of EUR 6 million was made into the plant development last year.


MV GROUP Production AB is one of the largest manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, controlling Stumbras, Alita and Anykščių vynas plants. The Company has 435 employees at present. Three plants have 16 production lines in total in operation. The turnover of MV Group Production AB was EUR 54.8 million in 2016.