Mitnija in 2017: EUR 82 million in revenue and stable, sustainable growth

In 2017, Mitnija − one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania − made EUR 82 million in sales revenue, or 19% more than in 2017 (EUR 69 million). Last year the company received 89% of its revenue from the private sector and 11% from the public sector. Mitnija began 2018 with an order backlog worth EUR 130 million.

Mitnija CEO Julius Gendvilis says that in 2017, the company enjoyed a year of sustainable growth:

“In 2017, we experienced stable growth, strengthened our relationships with long-term and new clients, invested in the professional development of our employees, and improved our internal business processes. In addition, we expanded our operations in the United Kingdom, where we earned EUR 5 million in revenue. We also received our first order in Latvia. Together with the Latvian construction company Merks, we are building the Akropole shopping and entertainment center, which is worth more than EUR 100 million.

“In 2018, we plan to achieve EUR 110 million in revenue. As we consistently implement our strategy, we will focus on the quality of our work, professional customer service, and continuing our improvements. As has always been the case, we will only take on profitable orders, ensure positive cash flows, and maintain professional and timely construction project risk management. This year, we will invest even more actively in the professional development of our employees, our services, and our internal processes. We will also increase our focus on work safety and on environmental protection.”

In 2017, Mitnija began to build the Akropole shopping and recreational center in Riga; completed the first stage of M.M.M. Projektai’ business complex in Vilnius, which became home to Danske Bank's Global Service Center, and began the second stage of this complex; built a new office and logistics building for the Apranga group; and implemented other projects. Mitnija also designed and built a logistics center for the Aibė group and continued its design and construction tasks for NATO and the US Army by modernizing the Lithuanian and Latvian air force bases in Šiauliai and Lielvārde, respectively.

About Mitnija

Mitnija is one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania. In 2017, the company earned EUR 82 million in revenue, and it employs more than 330 people. Mitnija builds commercial, residential, and industrial projects and also focuses on the construction of infrastructure. Mitnija is certified and works in compliance with international ISO 9001 quality and 14001 environmental protection management standards.