"MG Baltic" has become a sponsor of "Lietuvos rytas" club and a new initiative partner

The conglomerate MG Baltic has become one of the main sponsors of the basketball club "Lietuvos rytas". The concern comes with a special mission - to take care that the basketball veterans of Vilnius will be properly honored and to strive for the most talented young basketball players to grow in Vilnius.

"New sponsors will not let people forget who gave us lots of wonderful moments while playing in Vilnius team.

And also the most talented young basketball players who should give victories to our country in the future", said Darius Gudelis, Director of "Lietuvos rytas" club.

"The club starts a new stage from a white sheet, which means we have a unique opportunity to start writing a new chapter in its history. The concern and the basketball club are united by perseverance, aspiration for leadership and courage to change, so the decision to become a sponsor was taken without much hesitation. In addition, MG Baltic was born and raised in Vilnius", said MG Baltic President Darius Mockus.

Source: bcvilnius.lt