Anykščių Vynas gets a new manufacturing director

Justinas Kanopa has become a manufacturing director of Anykščių Vynas. Mr Kanopa, who has an experience of working in the food and beverage production sector, has joined MV Group Production, which controls Anykščių Vynas, more than a year ago and has become part of the team. Prior to taking over as manufacturing director of Anykščių Vynas, Mr Kanopa was responsible for the development of the company’s production modernisation projects. 

“It is a great responsibility to work in a company which is a leader in the sector and one of the oldest producers of natural fruit and berry wines not only in Lithuania but also in the whole Baltic region. It requires a lot of knowledge, understanding and creativity to harmonise the long-standing traditions of Anykščių Vynas with modern technologies. But we all together move in the right direction towards this goal  – we are a determined and united team, dedicated to continuing the history of the production of Lithuanian products, for which the  land of Anykščiai is famous,“ says Mr Kanopa. 

According to the new manufacturing director, the renewing winery acquires more potential and opportunities to offer new products to consumers. At the start of the year Anykščių Vynas presented to the market Voruta wines of updated design and marked the beginning of the summer by launching three novelties. The family of Voruta wines were supplemented with a natural strawberry wine, which was first produced in Lithuania by the founder of the winery Balys Karazija and received the main award at the Paris Wine Expo.

 Another new beverage crafted the winemakers of Anykščių Vynas is a natural Lithuanian cider Tinginio Pantis, which is produced from high-quality sorted apples or pears. To learn how to produce cider, the winemakers of Anykščių Vynas went to the Great Britain. During the harvest season last year the winery purchased sorted apples and pears specifically for the production of cider, and this year presented the matured cider to the customers of cafes and restaurants, and shoppers. 

Anykščių Vynas has extended the range of non-alcoholic beverages by presenting a novelty – a Lithuanian apple and apple-cherry juices Mr. Fruct. These natural juices are produced in large containers (3 l) and contain no added colours or other additives. 

“By expanding the range of our products we open new opportunities and challenges for the Lithuanian brand. The growing popularity of our products shows that Lithuanian beverages, which are produced from high quality fruits and berries, are favoured by customers, and Voruta  wine has established itself as a symbol of the Lithuanian national food heritage, being presented abroad and winning awards at international and local expos,” points out Mr Kanopa. 

The new manufacturing director will make efforts to ensure that Anykščių Vynas will continue to be the symbol of the land of Anykščiai and seek that the successful activity of the renewing winery helps to maintain the current jobs and contribute to the creation of new ones in the region. According to Mr Kanopa, the main task faced by him at the moment is the coordination of activity of the company’s different teams and winemakers that are proficient in their trade. To achieve this, Mr Kanopa will be responsible for the operations of administration and technical services as well as the production of concentrated juice, wine fermentation, aging and bottling. 

Before joining the team of MV Group Production, Mr Kanopa worked as managing director at Daivida, by successfully applying knowledge which he acquired at the universities of the United Kingdom: Mr Kanopa earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Reading, and a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge. In Lithuania, Mr Kanopa enhanced his competence by studying a master’s executive studies programme at ISM University of management and Economics.

About Anykščių Vynas

 The winery Anykščių Vynas, which is controlled by AB MV Group Production, is one of the oldest winemakers in Lithuania. The company current employs a staff of 87 people. Anykščių Vynas is most famous for its natural fruit and berry wine Voruta, which has been acknowledged as the Lithuanian national heritage product. Anykščių Vynas also produces cider, juice, and bitter. The juice concentrate and apple pomace produced by Anykščių Vynas are exported abroad. Every year the winery purchases more than 22 000 tonnes of fruit and berries harvested in Lithuania and neighbouring countries.