stumbraslogo2014.jpg (start, 177x125)  Stumbras is the biggest producer of strong alcoholic drinks in Lithuania.



K. Būgos st. 7
LT-44328 Kaunas
Tel. (+ 370 37) 308 800



Stumbras belongs to MV GROUP. MV GROUP unites companies, operating in 4 sectors: production (STUMBRAS, ALITA, ANYKŠČIŲ VYNAS), distribution (MV), logistics (TROMINA) and retail (BOTTLERY).

Stumbras is one of the oldest and largest alcoholic beverage manufacturers in the Baltic region. The company specializes in the production of different types of vodka, bitters, liqueurs and brandy. In creating beverages, traditional production techniques are combined with the latest technology. Stumbras exports its products to more than 30 different countries.

The company is one of the largest tax payers in the Baltic States.

In the Stumbras museum (, everyone is welcome to learn more about the development of drinking culture and production history of spirit drinks in Lithuania. Also, all visitors are presented with the factory history: 100 years old buildings, archival documents and photographs.