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Mediafon Group: IT & Telecommunication services.



Olimpiečių st. 1-31
LT-09200 Vilnius
Tel. (8 5) 239 09 01


Mediafon Group provides IT & Telecommunication services and solutions to business customers, carriers and governmental institutions worldwide.

Mediafon Group consists of:

  • Mediafon
  • Mediafon Carrier Services
  • Mediafon Datapro
  • Mediafon Technology
  • Mediafon Telco Solutions

Mediafon was established in 1998 under private capital funding. The company began its activities by offering technical maintenance for value added calls. In 2001 the Company discovered a new market – technical maintenance services for value added SMS – and gained a solid reputation in this field. Nowadays, over 100 Lithuanian commercial enterprises are using our intelligent value added services.

Since 2003, the company has been providing wholesale telecommunication services; since 2010, a specialized suite of number portability (NP) services; and since January 2013 Mediafon has been providing its fraud prevention services.

To improve efficiency and expand its market position, in 2015 -2016 Mediafon established five subsidiaries: Mediafon Carrier Services, Mediafon Datapro, Mediafon Mobi, Mediafon Technology and Mediafon Telco Solutions.

Mediafon subsidiaries (2018) and their areas of activity:

Mediafon Carrier Services is the market leader in the Baltic States for voice traffic transit services and an alternative operator in Lithuania providing wholesale fixed line and mobile services for national and international operators.

Mediafon Datapro specializes in the development, provision and maintenance of databases and process automation systems, offering such solutions as number portability NPCDB, CEIR, Customer portal, Spam-box and professional services.

Mediafon Technology specializes in development and provision of IT/TELCO products and services. The product portfolio includes not only IT and VoIP solutions and services but also artificial intelligence appliance and advanced digital signature solutions. The company also built future IT technologies in R&D center.

Mediafon Telco Solutions fraud prevention services helps operators to secure revenue from international interconnect, while detecting and stopping all existing ByPass scenarios currently used by fraudsters.

Mediafon Group has been operating in the market for over 18 years and aims to deliver top-quality custom-designed easy-to-manage services, backed up by top-class support.