The history of the MG Baltic Group begins in 1992, when Lithuania’s newly re-established market economy took its first steps along with the re-established independent Republic of Lithuania.

The shareholder-controlled investment firm Investicinis fondas [‘Investment Fund’], which was established by one of the first business structures in the country, the national commodities exchange AB Lietuvos birža, was headed by Darius Mockus, current president of the MG Baltic Group. At that time Investicinis fondas managed more than 10 firms’ controlling share packages and 30 firms’ partial share packages and real estate objects.

The firm Mineraliniai vandenys (Mineral Waters), which now belongs to the Group, began operating in 1992, when it established its first shop in the centre of Vilnius and acquired a licence to import alcohol. MV Baltic was established.

In 1993, when the national clothing trade centre was privatised, the shareholder-controlled trading firm AB Apranga (Apparel) was established. Subsequently, as newly-established or acquired firms were added, the investment holding company Ifanta was formed. 

In 1995 the Troja trading system was established. Subsequently it was merged with other real estate firms to become the real estate holding company MG Valda.

In 2000 these groups of companies were merged and the MG Baltic Group was formed.

  • 2000 Mineraliniai vandenys launches distribution of alcohol beverages of the domestic producers; logistics company Tromina is established.
  • 2002 Tennis complex "Teniso pasaulis" is constructed and opened by the MG Baltic Group. MG Valda, the enterprise under the concern, starts the formation of the complex of modern office buildings Verslo trikampis (Business Triangle) in the very heart of Vilnius.
  • 2003 The year of great investments. A first Hugo Boss store is opened in Latvia (Riga). Ifanta is transformed to MG Baltic Investment, and MV Baltic - to MG Baltic Trade; Enterprises Mineraliniai vandenys and Trojina come into the merger; Mineraliniai vandenys and the State Property Fund conclude a contract on the purchase-sale of the oldest alcohol producer AB Stumbras (est. in 1906); MG Baltic Investment concludes an agreement with Scandinavian company Bonnier Entertainment on the acquisition of the shares of LNK TV (est. in 1995); Baltic Center – one of the most modern and biggest business centres in Lithuania – is officially opened in Verslo trikampis.
  • 2004 MG Baltic GROUP is among the top ten Lithuanian enterprises in terms of its revenue; the construction of 16 level office building Victoria, the crown of the complex of administration buildings - Verslo trikampis - is finalized; a franchise contract is concluded with Spanish enterprise Inditex, and first ZARA stores are subsequently opened in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
  • 2006 MG Baltic Investment has acquired the construction company Mitnija; a new news website Alfa.lt joins the ranks of Lithuanian Internet media; Stumbras celebrated its 100-year anniversary.
  • In 2010, MG Baltic Group succeeded in the combat with the challenges provided by the economic downturn: main controlled companies achieved the goals that were set forth for them, kept their operations and cash flow relatively stable.
  • In 2013, UAB Laisvas ir nepriklausomas kanalas (LNK) acquired 100 per cent of UAB Baltijos TV (BTV) shares. 
  • In 2014, UAB Mineraliniai vandenys acquires Company Group Alita.
  • In 2017, UAB Alfa Media was sold
  • In 2018, UAB „MG Baltic Trade“ changed the title to UAB „MV GROUP“. Marijus Cilcius became the new head of „MV GROUP“.

MG Baltic Group companies are operating in these business sectors: Clothing retail (Apranga group), Trading and distribution of fast moving consumer goods (Mineraliniai vandenys, Tromina), Manufacturing (Stumbras, Alita, Anykščių vynas), Media, IT and telecommunications (LNK group, Mediafon), Real estate management and project development (MG Valda group), Construction (Mitnija).